Examination of land management projects;
Control of of land resources;
Land Marketing;
Geoinformation systems and technologies in land management;
Maintenance of water and forest cadastre, the inventory of mineral deposits, urban cadastre, environmental and ecological cadastre, land cadastre;
Corporate and exchange activities, the mortgage business;
Registration of real estate objects, rights for real estate objects and their accounting;
Normative and expert valuation of land and real estate objects;
Work in the village, city, district councils in the departments of architecture and urban construction in regional and district departments of Justice;
Work in offices and departments of the State Geographical Cadastre;
Work in regional centers of state land cadastre and their local subdivisions;
Work in regional state enterprises “Scientific Research and Design Institute of land management”;
Work at water-preserving organizations;
Work in government inspection services on control over protection and use of land;
Work at organizations of land bank, Bureau of Technical Inventory;
Work in agencies of property evaluation;
Work at departments of State Property Fund.