Eastern-European International University Network

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (hereinafter the Network Leader),

1. The Partners to this Agreement hereby establish the Eastern-European International University Network, hereinafter referred to as the Consortium.
2. The Network is designed to facilitate partnership in scientific research, student education and academic networking.
The cooperation between the Network Partners shall involve in particular
1) joint applications for international grants and research projects,
2) the sharing of research and implementation services,
3) the shared use of infrastructure and joint undertakings,
4) joint educational undertakings such as formulating international studies,
5) student and academic fellow exchange,
6) the fostering of cooperation between universities and business sector institutions,
7) efforts for the support of national, religious and ethnic minorities,
8) the preparation of joint conferences and symposia,
9) the preparation and publishing of joint academic publications,
10) efforts for the organisation of joint cultural, artistic and sports projects.
The tasks and responsibilities of Network Partners
1. The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin shall be the Network Leader.
2. Network Partners agree that for joint projects the responsibilities of the individual Consortium Partners shall be as follows:
a) the prompt delivery of all documents and information to the Network Leader,
b) the joint design and preparation of collaborative projects,
c) Network Partner representation on the Consortium Council,
d) for co-funded projects – the fair and accurate settlement of individual financing agreements.
3. The Network Partners agree to immediately notify the Network Leader of any obstacles to joint undertakings.
4. The Network Partners agree to comply with the applicable procedures, instructions, rules and document templates during joint project implementation.
5. The Network Leader shall:
a) manage the Network’s website,
b) coordinate Network Partner meetings.

The Network structure
1. The Network shall be managed by:
a) the Network Partner Council,
b) the Network Office.
2. The Network Partner Council shall be the decision-making body.
3. The Network Partner Council shall convene at least once a year.
4. The Council shall include university rectors as representatives of all Network Partners.
5. The Chairman of the Network Partner Council shall be the Council Member acting as the representative of the Network Leader.
6. The Council shall:
a) oversee the observance of this Agreement,
b) make decisions on new initiatives or joining research projects,
c) make decisions on the strategic directions for the development of the Network’s activities.
7. The Council shall make all decisions by a simple majority of votes.
8. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the Network Partner Council shall have the casting vote.
9. The Network Office shall include the Office Manager and a group of Partner Coordinators.
10. The Network Office shall be located in the registered office of the Network Leader.
11. The Project Manager shall ensure efficient communication between Network Partners.
12. The Partner Coordinators shall be responsible for efficient communication with the Network Office on behalf of the Partners.
13. Each Network Partner shall appoint one Coordinator to organise the Consortium’s work.

Consortium of the Universities of Ukraine and the University of Warsaw

The goal of the Consortium is the development and propagation of Eastern European and Central European research at the universities of the area. At the moment, 14 universities are members of the Consortium: The University of Warsaw, Chernivtsi National University, Kharkiv National Karazin University, Precarpathian National Pedagogical University, Kamjanec Podilsky University, Eastern European Lesya Ukrainka National University, Odesa Mechnikov National University, Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University, Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ostrog Academy, Lviv Catholic University, Zhytomyr State University, Sumy State University, K.D. Ushynsky South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University.
The main goal of the Consortium is the creation of scientific-educational structural subdivisions at those universities of Ukraine which conduct research connected to the topics of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, Central Asia as well as allowing students the possibility to learn Polish, which is necessary for studying in Poland.
The Consortium gives the students possibilities to study at the magistrate at the University of Warsaw as well as to obtain post-diploma education in “Eastern Studies”. The PhD students may attend the PhD program part-time. The Consortium helps with and coordinates the award of scholarships from the Polish Government to Young Scholars, the Lane Kirkland Scholarship: it also organizes the Eastern European Studies Summer and Winter schools. The ambitious goal of the Consortium is the joint application for the European Union Grants.