February 22, 2018

Summer School 2018

Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial “What remains – Memory Landscapes of the Second World War”

In Cooperation with

the Chair of Southeast and East European History at the University of Regensburg and

the Public History Program at the Ukrainian Catholic University L’viv

the German-Ukrainian Historical Commission

Memory and the interpretation of past events are crucial in the construction of a national identity. Yet memory is not constant. It is permanently reinterpreted and differs in time and space. During a Summer School at the Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial, we intend to explore how the memories of the Second World War and the Holocaust influences the identity of different nations on a local, regional, national and international level.

Through a very innovative programme focusing on exchange and dialogue between young academics, we aim to get a better understanding of these diverse identities: How do different nations choose to remember the past and to what ends? The programme will focus on differences and continuities in the culture of remembrance of Germany, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Participating students will be supported in their enquiry through lectures by accounted experts. They will also get to know the history of the Flossenburg concentration camp and the culture of remembrance at the memorial site through a variety of tours and workshops to frame the theoretical input. However, we mainly wish to encourage dialogue between students, for example through “barcamps”, allowing participants to discuss and analyze what they are most interested in in this context.

The Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial invites graduate and undergraduate students from Germany, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan to apply for an intensive seven-day-programme from 19 August 2018 until 26 August 2018. We highly encourage students interested in the history of the Second World War, the Holocaust and their memories from different disciplines to apply. The language of the Summer School will be English. The programme will take place at the Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial and in Regensburg. We ask students from Germany to pay fee of 80,00 € in advance and to cover their travelling costs to and from the venue. We ask students from Ukraine to pay a fee of 30,00 €, traveling costs will be covered by the memorial. All other costs during the programme will be covered for all participants by the Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial. For students from Kyrgyzstan, the programme is free of charge and all travelling costs will be covered by the memorial.

To apply, please send a CV and a letter of motivation to Rebecca Weiss (rweiss@gedenkstaette-flossenbuerg.de) until 31st May, 2018 latest

(Attention: Due to visa issues, we ask all students from Kyrgyzstan to apply until 11th March, 2018 and students from Ukraine until 31th March, 2018 latest!).

Programme of the summer school find here: PROGRAMME