October 10, 2017

On October 3, 2017 dedicated to the 142 year anniversary of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, a new advanced and specially equipped lecture hall was opened at the Faculty of Economics, which was named after Joseph A. Schumpeter.

This project was completed in close cooperation with Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute, located in Norway. The fulfilment of the project allowed equipping the lecture hall with modern and advanced educational gadgets such as overhead projector, multimedia smart board, laptops. Besides, Dr. Jan-U. Sandal has organized the course of lectures devoted to the issues of social entrepreneurship and innovations. He is also one of the co-founders of International Scientific Schumpeter’s Conferences in Chernivtsi. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal runs the programme of internship of students of the Faculty of Economics in Norway. He regularly and actively supports the reading club of the faculty and supplies the library of Chernivtsi Schumpeter Center with books and manuals in English.

The objectives of Joseph Schumpeter Lecture Hall are;

  • to host lectures for students of the Faculty of Economics;
  • to host lectures and seminars on social entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic management within the scope of the School of Social Entrepreneurship of Dr. Jan-U. Sandal;
  • to host online lectures and seminars on issues of the EU integration  and economic development.