February 21, 2018

The “MEET UP! Pitching 2018” are looking for innovative, local and global German-Ukrainian projects.

The ideas selected for implementation will be offered from 2.000 € to 10.000 €!

Total budget: € 28.000

Who can submit ideas?

Tandems of German and Ukrainian activists

What German-Ukrainian ideas may be submitted?

You may submit ideas from all fields that are of interest to young people in Europe and contribute to German-Ukrainian cooperation.


  • STAGE 1:

DE-UA ideas open call: (16.02.2018-15.03.2018);

Preview selection by MEET UP! Pitching 2018;

Reply by 20.03.2018.

  • STAGE 2: Berlin: 30.05.-02.06.2018

Presentation of partners of the project;

Strategic advising of ideas and projects;

Selection of the best design tandems for pitching at “MEET UP! Pitching 2018” event in Kyiv.

  • STAGE 3: “MEET UP! Pitching 2018” event in Kyiv (September 2018,roughly 13-15.09.)

Convince the experts: 5 min. for presentation of the project and 2 min. for discussion;

The team of experts will select the best projects;

The winners will receive project financing.

  • STAGE 4: Fall 2018 – 2019

Implementation of the project;

Presentation of the results.

“MEET UP! Pitching 2018” German-Ukrainian Youth Meetings will cover the travel expenses for meetings in Berlin and in Kiev

To submit a project fill the application form at: