May 14, 2018

There was a meeting with  Professor of Ukrainian Studies at Pennsylvania State University Michael Naydan at the Faculty of Philology.

The moderator of the meeting was the writer, publisher Vasiyl Gabor. It was in the “Private Collection” that two books were published “From Hohol to Andrukhovych” and “Seven Signs of the Lion, or the Magic Leopolis”. The first of them contains many essays devoted to the study of Ukrainian literature. Here the author examines the works of M. Hohol, P. Tychyna, M. Rylskyi, B.-I. Antonych, V. Barka, O. Zabuzhko, A. Mohylnyi, Y. Andrukhovych, M. Matios, V. Makhno. Since a literary scholar is a Russian philologist, his comparative studies of A. Blok and P. Tychyna, L. Kostenko, M. Tsvetaeva and A. Akhmatova are quite understandable. Students had the opportunity to hear Ukrainian authors not only in the original language, but also in the translations of M. Naydan.

The second book by M. Naydan – “The Seven Signs of the Lion, or the Magic of Leopolis.” This is an autobiographical novel, as well as a cultural essay. Before going to Lviv, you must read this novel to see all the beauties  of this ancient city.

Michael Naydan also visited Scientific Library of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University and Mykhailo Ivasiuk Regional Library.