August 11, 2020

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of July 22, 2020 №641 “On the introduction of quarantine and the stepping up anti-epidemic measures in the area with a significant spread of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by coronavirus SARS -CoV-2” and taking into account the introduction of quarantine in Ukraine the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine envisages to continue the admission of international students until 15 December 2020 (instead of 1 November 2020) and until 15 April 2021 (instead of 1 March 2021).


The admission of foreigners shall be held in person, with full-time, distant or part-time modes of study, complying with all the requirements provided by the standards of higher education. Currently, the Resolution envisages that individuals who have crossed the state border and come from the country or are citizens (subjects) of the country with considerable spread of COVID-19, are to observe self-isolation. As the aforementioned Resolution imposes the conditions of quarantine until 31 August 2020, the issues as to observing self-isolation by degree-seeking international students who are to begin the academic year in September 2020 will be addressed with regard to the epidemic situation.