University’s park

July 1, 2020

The Central building of the university is situated on the Dominic Mountain. 1888 it has been renamed to Gabsburger upland (Gabsburghöhe) – in honor of 600-th anniversary of Gabsburg dynasty. There was a park on that place. Ukrainian citizens jokingly called it “Garbuzhöhe”, but in spite of that they liked that place very much.

Small park behind the façade of the Residence is still comfortable and nice. Tulip poplars blossom out in June, pyramidal thujas look out from the snowdrifts like green torches in January, and the 130-years old beech tree is proud that he is the oldest tree in the park.

There were times, when peacocks and roes were walking peacefully in the park and gardeners with higher education took care of shrubs and trees. Unfortunately those times fell into oblivion.

Also there was a 9-meter well with mineral water, but it dried up completely in the 1970s after unsuccessful drainage excavation.  Unfortunately only squirrels and owls are the most exotic guests in the park now.

Nowadays there are four faculties in the central building of the University: Geographical, Philological, Philosophy and Theology faculty and faculty of Foreign Languages.

Besides, the Philosophy and Theology faculty is unique in the Ukraine. It has united temporal and theological branches of education. The faculty resumed its work in 1993. There is a section of religious at the department of Religion and Theology. It is the unique in Ukraine. The tolerance is still in honor here: faculty organizes the Day of Religious Freedom in the city every year.

University is not only a masterpiece of architecture, not only institute with 13 faculties and 59 departments. It’s a historical symbol of Chernivtsy.