April 4, 2018

Dynamic processes and global transformations in the educational sphere require radical modernization of educational work in the university, in order to educate conscious citizens of Ukraine, the creators of harmonious relations in all spheres of public life.

For this purpose, with the support of Rector of University Pr. Stepan Melnychuk and assistance of Dean Maksym Marych, professors Polahnyna and Fedyshyn, the visit to the National Bank of Ukraine was organized for students of the Faculty of Finance, Entrepreneurship and Accounting, specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance”. While visiting the Museum of Money students were able to see more than 9,000 exhibits belonging to the State Register of National and Cultural Heritage, including a complete collection of commemorative coins of Ukraine. Students also get acquainted with the accumulated and preserved reserves of precious metals and other unique treasures of the State Treasury of Ukraine. The museum exposition of which is a kind of chronicle of our state, where every exhibit conveys a national idea.