Chernivtsi Snapshot

  • The city was founded in 1408 and became known until 1944 as «Chernovitsy». In 1488, Chernivtsi got Magdeburg law which gave a major boost to the development.
  • Chernivtsi is located in southwest Ukraine 425 km from the capital and 40 km from the Romanian border. The city is located on the banks of the Prut River and its total area is 150,000 square kilometers.
  • Chernivtsi – one of the oldest cities in Ukraine: the first brick was laid over 600 years ago.  
  • Chernivtsi is the administrative center of Chernivtsi Oblast (province) – the northern, Ukrainian part of the historical region of Bukovyna.
  • Chernivtsi is home to over 65 nationalities. The multiculturalism consists of: Ukrainians (80 %), Russians (12 %), Romanians (5 %), Moldovans (2 %) and others.
  • Chernivtsi is currently viewed as one of Western Ukraine’s main cultural centers.
  • Historically a cosmopolitan community, Chernivtsi was once dubbed “Little Vienna” and “Jerusalem upon the Prut”.
  • On many travel companies’ top lists, the city takes first place among the most wanted for visitors.
  • Chernivtsi symbols – a coat of arms, flag, mayor-honorary chain and the medal «For the Glory of Chernivtsi». The city has a new special feature: the tourist logo and slogan: «The unique of the diversity»