Czernowitz Yiddish Language 2018 International Commemorative Conference

Date: Conferences | 05 Aug 2018
Duration: August 6-10, 2018

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,the International Yiddish Centre of WJC,the Judaica Center at Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, with the assistance of the Chernivtsi City Hall  and the Chernitsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews  under the sponsorship of the World Jewish Congress,the Eurasian Jewish Congress and the Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter Fund are planning to hold in Chernivtsi,Ukraine the Czernowitz Yiddish Language 2018 International Commemorative Conference.


Held  at the same venue as the historical 1908 Yiddish Language Conference


The program includes the following subjects: 

The development of Yiddish literature,theater,cinema and press (1908 – 2018).

Trends in the Yiddish language development  through the last century ( functional styles,registers,vocabulary,phraseology,language norms,orthography).

The changing status of Yiddish  since 1908.

Major centers of Yiddish  research in the 20-th century in the  former USSR,Poland, USA,Israel.The role of YIVO.

Yiddish in Czernowitz since 1908.Shul Farein.

Major literary figures. Yiddish during and after the Holocaust Yiddish and Hebrew in Israel Hasidic Yiddish Yiddish teaching.Resources and Methodology.

Computational linguistics of Yiddish. Yiddish as a living language in the 21-st century.

Yiddish and modern mass media. Major Yiddish  research projects since 1908 ( dictionaries,grammars,dialectal  descriptions and atlases,literary scholarship,reference books,bibliographies).


Working languages at the conference:Yiddish,English ,Ukrainian,Russian.

Tours of Czernowitz and the surrounding former Hasidic shtetlakh as well as a rich cultural program are planned.

Kosher food can be provided.

The organisers will cover the expenses ( hotel accommodation,board,concerts and tours)  and  train and airfare (economy class)for participants whose papers are included in the program.

Please  send your  application with  the  title of paper and a short abstract  ASAP, but not later than May 20 , 2018 to :

We shall inform you without delay if your paper is included in the program)  and  the full text of the paper– until June 20,2018 to the same address.

Conference proceedings will be published.

Program Committee: W.Moskovich,M.Yushkovsky,L.Finberg