Uni Facts

Chernivtsi Uni at a Glance


Chernivtsi National University is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Ukraine, established in 1875 by the Decree of the Austrian Emperor Franz-Joseph.



1316 faculty members



Rector Stepan Melnychuk

Vice-Rector Roman Petryshyn


Student Enrollment

Undergraduates – 12385

Specialists – 1195

M.A. students – 3075

PhD/Doctoral Program – 162



Vivat Academia



59 buildings spread over the whole city

81.000 sqm of useable space

9 dormitories, 44.000 sqm of space


Faculties and Institutes

Institute of Biology, Chemistry and Bioresources

Institute of Physical, Technical and Computer Sciences

Faculty of Geography

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Modern European Languages

Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations

Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Applied and Decorative Arts

Faculty of Pedagogics, Psychology and Social Work

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Faculty of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences

Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Philosophy and Theology

Faculty of Law